Born in Acquapendente (Viterbo), Italy

He lives & works in Sicily. It's a complex character, engaging and sensitive as his photos, which reflect his way of being. He learns photography, the technique and the use in the documentary in his family laboratory. He studies photography, art and graphic designs in Rome and Milan, before undertaking the task of photographer in 1987, he works with Architecture and Restoration studies and photographic campaigns for various companies and he participates in numerous seminars and workshops organized by the leading companies in the photographic and cinematographic field. From 1978 to 1986 he participates as an Assistant Cinematographer at the realization of important documentaries for RAI and other public and private companies. From 1990 to 2001, having success of public and critics, he promotes the fruit of his own personal research through numerous photographic Exhibitions. In 2010, after a long break devoted to the study, to travel and culture, he returns to creative research, taking up the activity of fine art photographer.

Artwork by Andrea Nocchia are present in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.







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